Commercial Vehicle Safety &  Security Window Films

The very latest protection system to the glass of commercial vehicles, Smashgard Safety and Security window films strengthen standard glass to unbelievable proportions protecting your vehicle and contents from the possibility of theft, vandalism and personal injury to you and the occupants in the event of a vehicle accident.

An optically clear high tensile polyester film with ultra strong laminating adhesives bonded to your vehicles windows, with glass being the weakest point, you can feel rest assured that Smashgard Security window film will provide you with the very best form of protection available in todays climate.

The installation of our 4mil safety films to your vehicles glass will give maximum protection in the event of a vehicle accident, protecting the occupants from the effects of flying glass and more importantly serious injury. If the windows should break, the film will lock the glass within the framework preventing glass shards from entering the vehicle and retaining it within the framework, forming a barrier to those inside.

Security window films installed to your vehicles glass will give maximum protection against Smash and Grab, Road Rage attacks, Vandalism and Vehicle theft combined with the added protection against injury in the event of a vehicle accident. Withstanding attacks from numerous implements including Hammers, Bricks, Baseball Bats, Spark Plug Shards and Sharp points like Metal Punches, Your vehicle will be protected against every eventuality.

At Smashgard, we specialise in the installation of thicker Bomb Blast security films to customers vehicles to ensure that you receive only the very best form of protection available, maximising your defence against thieves, vandalism and even terrorism.

Available in a variety of thicknesses from 4mil (100 micron) Safety film to the maximum 10mil (250 micron) Safety and Security film, 7mil (175 micron) and above have passed stringent Bomb Blast Tests and all pass Government and Consumer programme standards.

Do you require the installation of a safety or security film to just one or a fleet of vehicles? We have a number of options available to you, minimising disruption to your companies operations and maintaining a fast and professional solution to your companies needs.

To see how effective our security films are, click here to view real life CCTV footage of an attempted break in of a vehicle installed with Smashgard Security Films & our test footage video, showing the strength of our films.

If you would like further information on our Safety and Security films please visit our frequently asked questions page by clicking here or you can contact us on our Contacts page, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE. Although security film can be applied to cars, at SMASHGARD we specialise only in commercial vans & HGVs.

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