About Us

The Company

Smashgard was set up by company director Darren Botterill in October 2005 after he came across window film in 2003 while having security film installed in his camper van. He noticed a gap in the market for security film (hence the name Smashgard), and from there, extensive research over the next 18 months and finding a supplier who flew a trainer in from America to train us, Smashgard was born.

Initially, we started window tinting on cars and installing security film on motorhomes and HGVs to strengthen the glass from attack, but within 6 months, after being asked to install the film in offices and houses, the company expanded into this field and hasn’t looked back since.

Over the years, the company has moved from shared premises in Daventry, Northamptonshire, to our own office in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and, since July 2023, to our larger and purpose-built office/workshop in Walgrave, Northamptonshire. This keeps us central, allowing us to cover the majority of the UK.

Daventry Office

2009 – 2016

Loughborough Office


Walgrave Office


The Staff

Since 2005, the company has had several people working for us both part-time and full-time in various roles, and we thank them for helping us build the business to what it is today.

Circumstances changed, and in 2019, we had 5 members of staff, Darren, the director, Lynne, in the office with another admin clerk and 2 installers; it was a very busy time.

However, in 2020, Darren decided to reduce the staff to just himself and Lynne so that we can offer our customers the best and ultimate service. The director of the company carrying out all the installations, the attention to detail and his extremely high standards mean that we can give a more personalised service and stand by our motto:

Your satisfaction is our Priority.

About Darren

Hi, I’m Darren, the company director, and I’m the person you see in the pictures and videos on this website. After almost 19 years in business, I still love my job, the business and helping to provide a solution to assist you in the most cost-effective manner. I love meeting people and still get the ‘buzz’ when customers see the films for the first time and how effective they are.

Outside of work, I have various hobbies and interests, including music festivals, gigs, and metal detecting, to name a few. My biggest hobby is hiking and climbing mountains throughout the UK, not to the extremes of Mount Everest or K2, but with over 1000 mountains throughout the UK, I’ve got a fair few to keep me going.

I love to laugh, be happy and spend time with my girlfriend and our families and we like travelling throughout the UK in the camper van whenever we can with the Scottish NC500 being our last trip in October 2023; we are aiming to build a 2nd camper van in 2024.

Darren Hobbies
smashgard van side
Darren smashgard director

About Lynne

Hi, I’m Lynne. I have been working for Darren at Smashgard for the last 6 years and am fortunate enough to love my job. Hence, I am still here long past my expiry date!

When I’m not working, I enjoy listening to music of all genres, going to the theatre to see live shows, and visiting historic sites of interest. I am working my way through my eclectic ‘Bucket List’ but have no plans to complete it soon.

office manager Lynne