Car Headlight Film


Want your car to stand out from the rest, yet stay on the right side of the law?


Our fantastic headlight film for car headlights, rear light clusters, indicators and front & rear fog lights is 100% legal.

Unlike tinting films that completely black out the light and need upgraded bulbs, or sprays that can look patchy, both of which are illegal, our perforated film allows the same amount of light to penetrate the holes as standard headlights.

Headlight Tinting in Leicestershire
Car light tinting

Fully Guaranteed

Fully installed, this tinted film will give your car the sleek look it deserves, giving a classy finish and setting your car off from the rest.

Once applied, our film gives an LED effect to the lights at night and can be easily removed if you sell the car, something you are unable to do with tinting sprays, other films or expensive tinted light clusters.

All our vehicle films are meticulously applied at our premises in Loughborough.

Affordable Prices

Tinting prices vary depending on the vehicle, but on average work out at around £60 for a pair of front or rear lights, £10 a pair of side indicators, or front fog lights, or a maximum of £140 for the whole car*.

Volvo C30 Rear Lights tinted
Ford Mondeo Rear Light Cluster tint

Available for most vehicles and installed by us at our workshop in Loughborough.
For more information and prices, contact us on 01509 416267 or via email

*Please ring for exact quotation as costs depend on number of lights, vehicle make etc

For more images of work we have carried out, visit our Gallery page.