Car Window Tinting


Looking for a local professional window tinting company to tint your car?
We’ve been tinting cars since 2005.

Whether you’re looking for a tint to give your car that stylish look, to cut glare and heat in the car, hide valuables in the rear, or reject damaging UV, we can tailor a film to suit you.

Clear tints, light tints, medium, dark or black limousine tints are all available. We can advise you on the film shade that will work best for you and look great on your vehicle.

Headlight Tint

Stuff about headlights

Rear Light Tints

Stuff about rear lights

Mirror Tint

Stuff about vans and mirror tint

Vehicle window tinting can give you all these benefits, and more

  • Enhance the look of your car, giving a fantastic finish
  • Reject excessive heat on a hot summer’s day, keeping the car cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning to be used and importantly, protecting children and dogs in the rear
  • Dramatically reduce glare from the sun, protecting those sitting in the rear and stopping glare on headrest DVD screens. Forget cheap plastic sun blinds that don’t work, our vehicle tinting films are the answer
  • Provide privacy and visual security, preventing thieves from seeing valuables left on the back seat or in the rear
  • A tinted film can hold broken glass within the framework in the event of an accident, protecting you and your family from glass fragments flying into the vehicle and causing injury
  • Block damaging ultraviolet from the sun by 99%, preventing fading of fabric and leather upholstery and more importantly, protecting against skin damage after prolonged periods of exposure

Vehicle Tinting Workshop


Our spotlessly clean workshop in Loughborough means we can give the very best installation to your vehicle. You won’t get us tinting outside your house or place of work which means you won’t get bubbles, film creases, dirt or contamination with our installations.

That’s why we can offer you a lifetime warranty!

Window Film Workshop

Full rear tints, van back windows and sunstrips are also available to stop glare whilst driving.

Scratched or damaged tinting film? We can remove damaged film and replace it with a new film matched perfectly using our specialist meters, saving you on having the whole car needing to be redone.

Please note we do NOT tint windscreens or drivers or passenger front windows, as this is against the law and WILL invalidate your insurance.

Call us NOW for a quote and you could have your vehicle totally transformed with our tinting films within days.


Fantastic prices, great film choice and lifetime warranties. What are you waiting for?


Our showroom/waiting room has FREE WIFI, and a good supply of tea and coffee.
Relax whilst we transform your car or take a short 10 minute walk into town to do some shopping, watch the latest film at the cinema, visit the museum, or have some lunch.

Come pay us a visit as we’d love to see you again.


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