Frequently Asked Questions


A wide range of questions asked over the years about Safety & Security Window Films, Car Window Tinting, Car Headlamp Film, Residential Window Films & Conservatory Window Films.


Safety and Security Window Film

Q. On the Security Window film pages, it lists the gauge of the film as 10mil, isn’t this too thick, stopping the window on vehicles from opening and closing?
A. The film is classed as 10 mil or 250 microns (the thickness of thin cardboard) not millimetres which confuses most people. This will give maximum security without affecting the operation of the window mechanism.

Q. If a criminal cannot break into my vehicle or property, how will we be able to get out in the event of an accident or emergency?
A. For security reasons we cannot disclose details of how to exit from your vehicle or property on our website. We can assure you that the emergency services have extensive knowledge of security window film and the ways of entering your property in the event of an accident. The film is designed to allow exit from vehicles or buildings and we explain how to do this once we have installed the film.

Q.Can Security film be fitted to my home?
A. It can yes, but in most cases a specialised anchorage system, also known as an edge retention system is required. We would need to discuss with you the frame and glass type of your windows to determine whether this system is required.
PLEASE NOTE. Some companies will quote you for security film and not mention anchorage systems. Installed on the wrong type of glass they could in fact be putting you more at risk than your existing windows without film. With our specialist meters, extensive knowledge & ongoing training programmes we ensure everything is done correctly, giving you piece of mind knowing that a professional installation has been carried out.

Q. Is it expensive?
A. No. It’s a small price to pay for the maximum in safety and security and works out more cost effective than other methods of security, including window bars and shutters on residential and commercial properties.

Q. Will 4mil ( 100 micron) film give me a high level of security?
A. No. 4mil is classed as a safety film only and we install this to hold glass in place in the event of an accident. For security we will only recommend 8mil (200micron) or thicker, ensuring that you have the very best form of protection available on the market at present.

Q. I have one window that needs protecting, would you come out to do it?
A. This all depends on your location and the size of the window. Please contact us either by phone or email and we can then discuss your requirements.

Q. My company is based in Northamptonshire, would you be able to provide us with a quotation of your Security window films?
A. Yes. We specialise in providing an installation service to companies requiring this form of protection throughout the county. Contact us today and we can arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements with you at your premises.

Q. Our company is based outside of Northamptonshire, would you be able to provide us with a quote for your films?
A. Yes. We have completed installations throughout the UK and would be happy to discuss with you the requirements of your company.

Car Window Tinting

Q. Can you tint the front driver’s and passenger’s front window glass?
A. NO. The law states that the VLT (Visual Light Transmission) of the drivers and passengers front window glass cannot fall below the legal limit of 70%. Most modern cars have a factory tint on these windows between 71% and 80%, jut 1 to 10% over the legal limit. Therefore even the lightest tinted film will drop the VLT below the legal limit of 70%

Q. What are the implications of having the front windows of my car tinted?
A. Any tint which falls below the legal limit of 70% could result in any of the following:

  • £60 fine and 3 points on your driving licence
  • Possible prison sentence for manslaughter if you are responsible for an accident and the film is found to have restricted your vision
  • Immediate removal of the tint at the roadside. VOSA now have the power to automatically impound your vehicle if found with illegal tints at the roadside. (This was confirmed by VOSA personnel in 2013)
  • It is a legal requirement to inform your insurance company if your vehicle has tinted film to the front windows. If you mention it when renewing your policy, all will refuse to insure you & this was confirmed when we rang 10 major companies. If you DON’T inform them and you are involved in an accident, even if not caused by you, your policy is automatically invalid and your insurance company will not pay out. Small print on ALL insurance policies states any tint below 70% on the fronts will invalidate the policy

*Every car you see on the road with tints on the fronts are uninsured with the owners unaware as most tinting companies won’t tell you just to get your money!!!*

PLEASE NOTE. Some of the points listed above may sound extreme but all depend on the authority stopping you at the roadside or the consequences in the event of an accident if the tint was found to have impeded your vision.
*Under NO circumstances will we tint the front windows so please do not ask us!

Q. How long will it take to tint my car?
A. It all depends on the size of the vehicle and the number of windows requiring a tint. For a small 3 door hatchback it takes between 1 – 2 hours. For a larger 4 x 4, roughly between 3 – 4 hours.

Q. Will the film rip or peel off?
A. No. We use only the very best window films available on the market which have a very strong adhesive and an anti-scratch coating to help prevent damage.

Q. Will the film fade?
A. Unlike the cheaper ‘smoke’ tinting films found at most car accessory shops which only have a 1 year guarantee against fading, we install only the very best films available. Our films are manufactured using colour stable dyes which have a lifetime guarantee giving you that extra piece of mind and value for money.

Q. Do I get a warranty certificate with my installation?
A. From the date of the installation, you will receive a lifetime installation and manufacturer’s warranty fully guaranteed against scratches, rips, peeling, de-lamination of the film and discolouration.

Q. How much will it cost to tint my car?
A. Prices vary depending on your vehicle make and model but are very competitive and start from as little as £40. For a quotation, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Q. Do you offer a vehicle collection/drop off service?
A. Yes we do! We have a fully comprehensive motor traders insurance policy which allows us to drive any vehicle. We can collect your vehicle from your home or place of work and return it once the installation has been completed depending on your location.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We provide a window tinting service anywhere in Northamptonshire or the surrounding borders close to Daventry including Warwickshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire & Leicestershire. You can bring your vehicle to our workshop in Loughborough and wait for your car or we can drop you into the nearest town and collect you once your car is finished. A vehicle collection/ drop off service is available but please contact us so that we can advise you if this service is available in your area. If you have a clean, dust free facility that we can use, we can tint the car at your premises dependent on location..


Car Headlamp film

Q. Putting film on my headlights, is it definitely legal?
A. Yes, we can confirm it’s definitely legal; We wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t. For customer reassurance we carried out our own independent tests at a local MOT station in Northampton prior to providing this service. Due to the perforated construction of the film, installed to headlamps it does not in any way change the colouration of the bulb or the direction of the light emitted through the lens. Tested with headlamp beam testing equipment showed that the same percentage of light was emitted through the lens as standard headlamps and will therefore pass any MOT test.

Q. What’s the difference between this and tinting films and sprays you can get?
A. Tinted films cover the whole lens reducing the light being emitted and making it difficult to see when driving at night. Sprays are the same looking patchy and fading over time. Our film is perforated allowing light to be emitted through the holes and therefore is completely legal unlike the films & sprays which are ILLEGAL.

Q. Is it available in different colours?
A. Sorry, only available in black at present.

Q. Can it be removed if and when I come to sell my car?
A. Yes, it can be removed with no issues. A quick wipe over the lens once removed will bring back to its original look.

Q. Is it expensive?
A. No. It’s a fraction of the cost of buying replacement light clusters and can be removed easily if required when selling the vehicle on.

Residential Solar Window Films

Q. Neighbours and passers by keeping looking into my home? I want privacy but I don’t like the reflective silver window film?
A. Our fantastic neutral films are just that, neutral in appearance and blend in with other window not coated. For more information, see our residential window films site.

Q. I want to stop glare on the computer screen and television. Is there anything to stop this?
A. Yes. The neutral window films we recommend for homes will reduce the glare on these screens without you having to close blinds or curtains in the day, allowing the natural sunlight in but not the glare.

Q. My home gets cold in the winter. Will your window films keep the heat in?
A. Unfortunately our neutral residential films don’t stop heat loss. We do have two specialist heat retention films but they are only available in either reflective silver or gold, ideal for commercial properties; not residential.

Q. Will your window film prevent my carpet and furniture from fading,
A. Although our films contain an ultraviolet inhibitor to protect carpets, fabrics & furniture from fading, it will not stop it completely. Our window films will dramatically reduce the effects of fading and could double the lifespan of your carpet and furniture in some cases. Damaging ultraviolet from the sun plays a small percentage with natural light, heat, ageing and humidity all playing a major part in the fading process.


Conservatory Solar Window Film

Q. Do you install the film on the inside or the outside of the glass?
A. We install the film to the inside of the glass rather than the outside as it then entitles you to the maximum 10 year installation & manufacturer’s warranty. External films are available but only with a 3 year warranty as weather conditions will affect the film over time.

Q. The film you install to my conservatory, will it make the room dark?
A. No. We specialise in installing only the very best window films available to your conservatory to allow natural light into the room while protecting you and the contents of the room from the sun far more effectively than blinds.

Q. How do I go about cleaning the film; do I need any special chemicals?
A. All that’s required is a gentle clean with a soapy solution and kitchen toweling occasionally. A standard garden hand sprayer mixed 1 part baby shampoo, 100 parts water will clean the film to a high standard without leaving smears , protecting the film and preventing eye injury when cleaning the panels overhead .

Q. I have a specialised glass installed to the roof of my conservatory, can you install a window film on this?
A. Yes, this is something we have done on a number of installations to conservatory roof glass and will not cause any problems. We have found that our window films are more effective than this specialised glass alone and will reject the heat and glare dramatically, allowing you to use the room on the hottest of days.

Q. Will I be able to see out through the window film installed to my glass conservatory roof, both day and night?
A. Yes. Although there are a number of single ply reflective window films available for conservatory roofs, with our vast experience we recommend the installation of a specialised 2 ply film. Reflective on the outer layer to reject the excessive heat and glare, the inner layer is non-reflective, allowing you to look up and out through the glass both day and night (depending on internal lighting used) with minimal reflectance.

Q. Do I have to clean the glass prior to you coming to install the film?
A. No, that’s not necessary. We clean the glass a minimum of 4 times prior to the film being applied to ensure that it is spotlessly clean and free from contamination, providing you with a very professional installation.

Q. Do you need me to move all the furniture out of the conservatory, ready for you to install the film?
A. We understand that heavy furniture can be awkward to move and therefore we will do all this for you. All that we ask is that small items be removed prior to us arriving so that our installers can then move the larger items for you. Once the installation is complete, we will return all of the large furniture back as it was and to your satisfaction prior to leaving.

Q. I live the other side of the country, would your installers come out this far?
A. Based in Loughborough, we cover Leicestershire and surrounding counties yet maybe able to assist you depending on where you are in the UK. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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