Reflective Window Film

The most effective of our films. Reflective silver or gold films can reject excessive heat and glare within your property by as much as 80% & 86% respectively.

Heat Rejection

Giving the impression of a silver or gold mirror effect to the glass, the reflective properties of these films allow a large percentage of heat or glare to be reflected away at the glass; therefore cooling the room to a comfortable temperature on the hottest of days. Internally, vision is unrestricted allowing those inside to see out as normal, yet from outside it’s virtually impossible to see in, providing you with privacy & visual security in both day and night conditions* whether your property is occupied or vacant.




Privacy & Security

Both silver & gold reflective window films are also available to retain heat in the winter, preventing heat loss through the glass.
The most popular window film for commercial premises throughout the country due to excellent heat & glare rejection, privacy & security.

*As with all films of this type, once it’s dark outside and the internal lights are switched, views into the property will be unrestricted.

With over 300 specialist window films available to us to provide safety, security, heat & glare rejection, privacy, security & fade reduction.

We can tailor a film suitable for your requirements.  Should you require a film that isn’t listed within our website, please contact us as we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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